Hello, welcome to my blog filled with photos about my faith (catholic to be specific) and some things I think are funny and some other stuff thrown in there. I welcome questions! and I am here for anybody that needs someone to talk to! I also have a preaching blog at if you want to check it out:)

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Spread the love as much as possible

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Audi R8


Audi R8

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I can’t believe the mission trip is over. The friends I’ve made are awesome. The memories I’ve made are amazing. But now is the time to go to work. Now is the time where the enemy is quivering. We are walking in dangerous territory. Any second someone will comment negatively on being a Christian. But we got get this in our minds. But we got to get this in our hearts. But we got to get this in our lives. We aren’t worshipping a God that is weak and defeated. Actually we are worshiping a God who is so powerful, he didn’t even have to fight the devil. He let saint Michael the arc angel completely destroy The devil. Actually we are worshipping a God so powerful that he just spoke the world into motion. Actually we are worshipping a God so powerful that when Jesus died on the cross and the enemy thought they had won, he rose again on the third day. our God isn’t weak and defeated, he is strong and glorious. With a God so glorious we can go out into the enemies territory and plant the most beautiful of seeds. A God so defying that He doesn’t keep His kingdom through war, He keeps it through peace. Our God, is the God of victories. And he is on our side. The God of victories is on our side. And He calls us to spread what Jesus did for us on the cross.

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  • me during the summer: is today wednesday or sunday

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